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Are you thinking of doing another yoga video on your youtube channel? I love the two that you have up now :)

I really want too! It’s probably my most requested video. My schedule is so so hectic that it’s hard for me to find the time to make a yoga video since it requires planning, a good set up, having it done in one take, editing, and uploading. Ahhh. don’t worry it’s on my list!!!

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I'm sorry if you answer this question a lot, but how long did it take for you to notice results? I'm the type of person who just gives up after a few days of seeing no results, so I was wondering what keeps you motivated and how you were able to stick with eating healthy and exercising when you weren't seeing immediate results?

You have to trust the process and know that results aren’t over night. It took me about two years to get to my fittest point. If you want quick results then you’ll lose those results just as quick as you gained them. Focus on eating healthy and exercising and I promise you’ll start noticing changes in how your clothes fit. Take measurements of your body (have someone help for the most accuracy) then once a month retake them and compare!

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#3 the government doesn’t give a shit that you’re unhealthy. You’re less likely to revolt when you feel like shit

Uhh and what about the fact that that other crap isn’t even food? It’s so heavily processed it honestly has no resemblance to natural food. It’s garbage, and garbage is cheap.

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Caramelized Peach & Oat Pancakes

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Yo this is my pic thx for reposting it INSTEAD OF REBLOGGING NOT

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Avocado truffles

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Fancy taco salad using all left overs!
Spinach, purple cabbage, avocado, red bell pepper, green onion, and green and red salsa, topped with leftover “steakums” (organic, grass feed beef with onion and peppers).
So yummy! 💃
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What kind of rice do you cook? And what dressing do you put on your sushi bowl?

Here is my recipe on my website :)

I prefer white rice!

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Summer Salad with Beets


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is doing yoga and eating healthy enough to help you lose weight or do I need other forms of exercise? According to my BMI, I'm overweight. How long should it take to lose about 20lb the healthy way?

I always try to remind people that losing weight is not a race. It honestly took me about two years to lose the fat and gain the muscle that I now have that makes me happy. It takes a lot of time and work, especially if like me you work and go to school full time.

Yoga and a healthy diet is plenty. It’s all I do and I feel satisfied.

But it’s not the form of exercise that matters, it’s the intensity and length. If you’re only doing 20 minutes of gentle yoga that’s nothing. If you’re doing 60 minutes of challenging flows with pockets of heat woven in then that’s great. Even 30 minutes of a challenging non-stop flow is great. As long as your heart rate is up, your muscles are getting tired, and you feel good, then that’s great. Otherwise, find a new yoga class or add on more exercise.

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How do you make vegetables taste good if you're not used to eating most of them?

I promise you adapt. I used to hate almost every veggie that I now love. I used to have to drench salads in ranch to make them edible, and now I hardly use dressing.

My favorite ways to each veggies are cooked. I love adding them to pasta dishes and sauces cut up really small so that I don’t even notice them. I love making stir fries with lots of veggies cooked in broth and Asian sauces and rice. Cooked veggies is a good way to start because they’re easily digested and have a more subtle taste.

For raw veggies I like eating them IN things. For example, I HATE cucumber, but I love julienned cucumber when I make sushi bowls. Same goes with bell peppers.

Juicing is another good option. I HATE kale, cucumber, and celery with a passion but I love them juiced!

I hope this helps!

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Is rice bad for you?


Rice is amaZeballs. It might not be the most nutrient-dense grain you can eat, but it’s food and food is energy and delicious. It’s great for basing lots of yummy veggies while filling you up more than just a salad or veggie stir fry would.

I love love love rice.

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Today I picked figs :)

Read HERE for the full blog post on how to make a Homemade, Raw, Vegan* Fig Jam recipe AND an additional Heavenly Fig & Cheese Bites recipe.

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